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(English with Spanish Subtitles)

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03:40 PM | 06:25 PM | 09:10 PM

Poster de: Child 44Ver Trailer

Género: Thriller
Duración: . Clasificación: NR

Child 44 (English with Spanish Subtitles)

Año 1953, Leo Demidov (Tom Hardy) es un agente secreto de la policía soviética que pierde su estatus, su poder y su hogar cuando se niega a denunciar a su propia mujer, Raisa (Noomi Rapace), por traición. Exiliados de Moscú a un sombrío puesto avanzado de provincia, Leo y Raisa unen fuerzas con el General Mikhail Nesterov (Gary Oldman) con el fin de localizar a un asesino en serie de niños. Su búsqueda de justicia amenaza a un sistema ampliamente encubierto y reforzado por Vasili (Joel Kinnaman), el oscuro rival de Leo, para quien “no hay crimen en el Paraíso”.

Actores: Tom Hardy, Joel Kinnaman, Noomi Rapace

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01:50 PM

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Poster de: Desert DancerVer Trailer

Género: Drama
Duración: 1:38 Clasificación: PG-13

Desert Dancer (English with Spanish Subtitles)

Set in Iran, this powerful  and unbelievable true story follows the brave ambition of Afshin Ghaffarian. During the volatile climate of the 2009 presidential election, where many cultural freedoms were threatened, Afshin and some friends (including Elaheh played by Freida Pinto) risk their lives and form an underground dance company.  Through banned online videos, they learn from timeless legends who cross all cultural divides, such as- Michael Jackson, Gene Kelly and Rudolf Nureyev.  Afhsin and Elaheh also learn much from each other, most importantly how to embrace their passion for dance and for one another. 

Actores: Nazanin Boniadi, Freida Pinto, Tom Cullen 

Horarios en Mayo 22:
02:00 PM | 04:30 PM | 07:00 PM | 09:30 PM

Poster de: El Misterio de la FelicidadVer Trailer

Género: Comedy/Romance
Duración: 1:32 Clasificación: NR

El Misterio de la Felicidad (Spanish Version)

When her husband (Fabián Arenillas) goes missing, a woman (Inés Estévez) works with his business partner (Guillermo Francella) and a private detective (Alejandro Awada) to find him.

Actores: Fabián Arenillas, Alejandro Awada, Sergio Boris

Horarios en Mayo 22:
02:20 PM | 04:40 PM | 07:00 PM | 09:20 PM

Poster de: Relatos SalvajesVer Trailer

Género: Drama and Comedy
Duración: 2:02 Clasificación: R

Relatos Salvajes (Spanish Version)

A story about love deception, the return of the past, a tragedy, or even the violence contained in an everyday detail, appear themselves to push them towards the abyss, into the undeniable pleasure of losing control.

Actores: Ricardo Darín, Oscar Martínez, Leonardo Sbaraglia

Horarios en Mayo 22:
03:35 PM | 06:25 PM | 09:15 PM

Poster de: The Last Colony

Género: Documentary
Duración: 1:32 Clasificación: NR

The Last Colony (English with Spanish Subtitles)

In 1898, the United States invaded and colonized Puerto Rico as part of the Spanish American War. For 114 years the people of Puerto Rico have maintained a polarizing debate on the STATUS ISSUE that has been front and center of the political discourse on the Island. Puerto Ricans (American citizens since 1917) constantly dispute between the options of Statehood, Independence and Commonwealth.On November 6, 2012 the people of Puerto Rico held the fourth plebiscite in the Island’s history to try to redefine the political relationship with the United States.Weeks before the plebiscite vote, filmmaker Juan Agustín Márquez traveled back to his homeland and interviewed leading politicians, historians, sociologists, and economists to dissect the status debate in a multilayered conversation about the pros and cons of each option on the ballot.His mission: To explain the status debate to the people of the United States, Congress and the President, and bring the American people up to date on this century old question: Will there be a change in status in America’s Last Colony?


Horarios en Mayo 22:
04:50 PM | 07:05 PM | 09:20 PM

Poster de: Woman in GoldVer Trailer

Género: Drama
Duración: 1:49 Clasificación: PG-13

Woman in Gold (English with Spanish Subtitles)

Maria Altmann (Helen Mirren), an elderly Jewish survivor of World War II, sues the Austrian government for the return of artwork the Nazis stole from her family.

Actores: Helen Mirren, Ryan Reynolds, Daniel Brühl

Horarios en Mayo 22:
02:00 PM | 04:30 PM | 07:00 PM | 09:35 PM

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